Scott Simons - entrepreneur, investor, business owner, motivational speaker Scott Simons is the President of CMA's Valley Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Honda, Nissan, RAM, Subaru, and Volkswagen dealerships that are located in Virginia. He's is a very successful car dealer, entrepreneur, business owner, investor, and leader. Scott owns and has invested in multiple businesses across many industries. Known for his leadership ability, high energy, and positive attitude, serving others comes naturally to Scott. Scott is passionate about bringing out the best of those within his circle and network. Scott is very active in his community and generously gives to multiple charities. Scott is a stranger to no one and is known as the person who would give you the shirt off of his back.
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How To Develop Relationships Not Transactions

Relationships are important. What’s more important is how we nurture the relationship. All relationships are not the same, so, of course, every relationship

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