Megan Di Martino has been a lifelong creator of beauty with a serving mentoring spirit! She began her career in NYC in the Fashion and Beauty Industries. From there, she started, scaled, and sold two award-winning 7 figure businesses. She launched her first Skin Care Brand, Glycolique, in 1992. In 1997 she re-engineered Glycolique and launched Novita Spa Clinicals. The Novita Spa Clinicals products have been sold nationally through salons, spas, and Medical Spas since 1992. In 2005 she launched the award-winning Novita Spa and Medical Rejuvenation Clinic in Georgetown, TX. Square, in the Austin area. Megan is here to help you build your business with her Executive Coaching and Consulting Program.

Success Is an Inside Job (Five Cs To Help You Find Your Purpose)

Life is lived from the inside out! What is Success, and how do we attain it? One definition of success is the accomplishment

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